The Novels


Politics, Corruption & Seduction as seen through the eyes of Philly's First Lady, Tiffany Johnson-Skinner.


Caroline Y. Issacs is a prodigy at the top of her game, hosting her own show of A-list celebs when at the suggestion of an overly ambitious intern she risks it all by taking her show on the road.


Tiffany Johnson is a street-smart publicist who decides to launch Teaz Entertainment and open a nightclub. When her emotions take over she spirals downward, getting swept into two unexpectedly erotic affairs.


Sasha Borianni is a woman who knows what she wants and how to get it but now finds that balancing her affairs is proving to be a challenge especially when it involves four men that just may be connected.


Seduction, Power & Basketball. After coming out of a tragic relationship, Sasha Borianni takes a job as a personal assistant to a professional athlete and finds herself caught in the sexually charged underbelly of professional basketball.


Trying for November 2018 but....

Short Stories


New Year’s Eve is the one night of the year when the line between old and new blurs, when fantasy can become reality, and every woman is given the opportunity to reinvent herself. But in Every New Year, New Year’s Eve turns tragic when a shoot-out lands a respected doctor in the hospital with a bad case of amnesia—and in the care of a man too sexy to resist.


Bryce Goodman lives a clandestine lifestyle. In the back rooms of Philly s most exclusive clubs and restaurants, he secretly manages million dollar investment portfolios of some of the city s most notorious and dangerous citizens. From his work, to his dark pleasures, Bryce Goodman lives his life on the edge. 


Bryce Goodman had one goal when he established The Goodman Firm, to cash out once he'd attained a billion dollars, and he was well on his way - or so it seemed - until he was hit with a trifecta of women, threatening blackmail, uninhibited sex, and a virgin who tantalized each of his 10,000 taste buds.

If the saying holds true, that behind every man's downfall lies a woman, it remains to be seen how Bryce navigates the treacherous obstacles stopping him from reaching his goal.


When prominent anesthesiologist and overachiever, Cherise Grant can't get the men she wants, she blames her looks, weight and boring lifestyle. To combat loneliness, she comes up with The Experiment and discovers an alternative method to get the control over men she has always desired. Cherise's plan, though unethical, becomes the best outlet she's ever had.



Going south for her summer break, a high school math teacher puts her assets to work as an exotic dancer. But when her secret double life follows her home to Philadelphia, things swing wildly out of control as she tries to walk the line between sexy woman and sex object.