Hello Friends

My Writing Roots

More than I wanted to be an activist, more than I wanted to be a lawyer and certainly more than I wanted to be a runway model, I wanted to create moving poetry and thought provoking and sometimes provocative books and now, that's exactly what I do.

Creative Juices

My favorite part of the journey happens anywhere and often unexpectedly, at the market, driving the car, at the office, and even during lovemaking. Whenever it happens, I capture it by picking up a pen, and jotting down on the smallest piece of paper, speaking into my phone, calling a friend and asking them to remember - and if it's the middle of the night, I simply reach over and scribble on a bedside notepad in the dark. 

What's next?

12/4/17: Simon & Schuster are releasing a previously written short story, now its own e-book, Every New Year. 

2018: Another erotic short, Bewitched, the sequel to Secret Service. 


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