Bryce Goodman had one goal when he established The Goodman Firm, to cash out once he'd attained a billion dollars, and he was well on his way - or so it seemed - until he was hit with a trifecta of women, threatening blackmail, uninhibited sex, and a virgin who tantalized each of his 10,000 taste buds.

If the saying holds true, that behind every man's downfall lies a woman, it remains to be seen how Bryce navigates the treacherous obstacles stopping him from reaching his goal.


Hello Friends

My Writing Roots

More than I wanted to be an activist, more than I wanted to be a lawyer, and certainly more than I wanted to be a runway model, I wanted to create moving poetry, and thought provoking, and sometimes provocative books, and now, that's exactly what I do, AND I LOVE IT!

Creative Juices

My favorite part of the journey happens anywhere and often unexpectedly, at the market, driving the car, at the office, and even during lovemaking. Whenever it happens, I capture it by picking up a pen, speaking into my phone, calling a friend and asking them to remember - and if it's the middle of the night, I simply reach over in the dark and usually without my glasses and scribble on a bedside notepad in the dark. Because if you don't capture it at that moment - it's gone!

What's next?

Working on it.

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